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From Yelp:


Lindsey M. - 5 stars

Sunland, CA

I contacted this place- and about 30 others- in a hail-mary pursuit of an appraisal on some damaged items that I needed to satisfy an insurance claim. The items themselves are across the county, and I had pretty inadequate photos of the damages; I was working with few resources, and this has been a 4-month-long headache for me. Susie called me the next day in response to my email, and was an absolute delight. She was sympathetic and helpful and suggested I come to her shop the following Sunday to speak with an appraiser they host in-store once a month (first Sunday of every month from 1-4pm!) I took her suggestion and went to see the appraiser, Rudd.


Suzy remembered our phone conversation and was so sweet and helpful. She is the reason I'm writing this review. This insurance thing has been nightmarish for me, and I feel such gratitude for people like her who took the time to call me back, help me out, and just be kind people.

Rudd, the appraiser, is the real deal. I listened to him appraise several other items while I waited for my turn, and he spoke with authority on a wide range of trinkets and collectibles, knew most information off the top of his head, but also had some giant books with him that were like indexes of makers marks & things of that nature. One person kind of argued with him that their item was worth more than he suggested, and he completely explained the variance in value, the target marketplace for the item, and knew the going rate on ebay as well as in specific collectors circles. It was very obvious that he's well versed in his trade. When it got to my turn, he was able to deduce much more from the photos I had than I had expected, and pointed out comparisons between originals and reproductions of my items. He was quick, helpful, and decisive.

I don't know much about antiques personally, so I can't speak to the quality of the items sold here, but I will tell you that from the outside this shop looks like a little storefront, but once inside you have entered a sort of Narnia, with connecting rooms giving this place a total square-footage that you never would have expected. It goes on & on, and every corner is filled with of all sorts of trinkets and oddities, interesting things of all varieties. Also, they validate parking.

From Yelp:

Ann T.

West Covina, CA - 4 Stars

This place is huge and very fun to explore. Not only are there many sections to wander around, there are also small rooms tucked away in some of the halls. It's easy to kill hours in there just looking at all the trinkets and historical items.

There were scores of modern to really old books, period clothes, toys, art, records, collectibles, accessories, knick knacks and much much more. Additionally, they had rare items from popular movies/shows in the past such as Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean amongst others.

Although, I have to admit some of the items/rooms spooked me such as the small room with the wedding gowns and clothes and the one with the raggedy Ann dolls. Did not really spend much time/go into those rooms....

I am not an antique collector myself so I cannot say much about the price, but this is definitely a stop you should make if you're in the area looking for something interesting to do.

From Yelp:


Janelle P.

Los Angeles, CA - 5 Stars

“It goes on & on, and every corner is filled with of all sorts of trinkets and oddities, interesting things of all varieties.”


“If you're a collector of anything, this place is for you.” in 3 reviews


“Much cheaper than eBay and filled with fascinating stuff.”

From Yelp:


Goldie S.

Los Angeles, CA -  5 Stars

Got some of the coolest trinkets and antiques ever here, for discounts! Got a fine china shoe, a tiny China piano from the 80's, and six vintage cars, including two tin ones!!! I got a 1955 Elvis Cadillac model for over 50% off. This place is a bargain. Much cheaper than eBay and filled with fascinating stuff.

From Yelp:


Kate R.

Beverly Hills, CA - 5 Stars

I was there for the first time today when i had time to kill in Pasadena.  With no expectations, I wandered in and left with four trinkets that I love.  


I would describe it as a well curated collection of smaller antique stores, but with an open floor plan. It is definitely worth checking out just for fun.  


I plan to go back every few months.  As far as a bricks and mortar store, I don't think there are many of these left with probably 75 vendors so this is a little treasure.

"Nice antique mall with individual dealers. Good layout with some very interesting finds. "

-Paul K.

"Nice antique mall with individual dealers. Good layout with some very interesting finds. "

-Paul K.

"Great Store!"

-Jonathan R.

"Love this place! Staff is nice and helpful. I highly recommend this store. "

-Erna M.

"The antique mall is one of the highlights of Paseo. Definitely worth checking out and wandering along the many aisles of books, jewelry, decor and other items. You'll never know what you will come across that demands you to buy it."

-Nico M.

"Cross Cultural Mall. Everything looks excellent with their own stories. "

-Miao N.

Marvelous place to be in. Great place to shop. Easy to walk to or park in Paseo.

Reviewed Pasadena Antique Mall — 5 star

Susie Graham Slick 

I absolutely loved it and will be back as I didnt have time to look at everything. The employees were all attentive and Suzy was awesome and kind. I loved all my small but beautiful purchases. I will be returning for a more detailed tour.

Letty Porter

recommends the Pasadena Antique Mall

We love this place!

We are the hosts of a new kids web series, The Scrappy Duo.
The Scrappy Duo released the premier episode yesterday, and it's all about our incredible new neighborhood of Pasadena. Pasadena Antique Mall at 1:38. Check out the video on YouTube.

Thank You!

Nathan Brian 

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook


Beautiful atmosphere. Clean City. Looks great.

Adisak Panyakorn  

recommends Pasadena Antique Mall.

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

Great shop! They have amazing pieces across all price ranges, and their Hollywood memorabilia is just wonderful to see!

Victoria Wyatt

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

Loved the store, the staff, and all the wonderful stuff. I wasn't able to leave empty handed. They had exactly what I wanted and I didn't even know it!

Scott Patrick Struyk

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

Every time I walk through their door, the nostalgic energy fills my every memory as child! A "Farrah Doll" staring at me from a showcase, trading cards, antique jewelry sparkling from across the room and the vintage clothes that takes us to another era! Oh and the complimentary wine is just an added bonus as you stroll through the isles of a couple of hundred vendors displaying their collections!

Erlene Garcia 

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

This place is great! Lots to choose from and a friendly and helpful staff.

Rich Garcia

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

Best Place Ever To Explore!
Always Changing With New Stuff!

Jeremy S. Jones

Rating = 5 stars on Facebook

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